Web3 wallets for your users, with Web2 appearance

HumanWallet solves the pain DAPPs have in the crypto scene, attracting new users with zero knowledge about crypto and Web3 wallets.

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Introducing Guardians: a new method for accounts recovering

Guardians are a set of algorithms that let any user to recover lost accounts in a decentralized way, with all the security guarantees for users

One address, one mail

Each Web3 wallet is associated with an email account. You can always revolver it

Two security systems

HumanWallet can be configured to sign tx just with one step (low risk) or two (more risk), with 2FA

Decentralized custody

Your user’s seed is custodied through a nodes federation in a decentralized way

Gasless transactions

HumanWallet is built over new ERC43337 standar, letting others to pay gas fees instead users

The tool you need to scale your Web3 business

Let’s be clear: Web3 wallets interfaces suck. You need something similar to Web2 APPs to be able to grow. Attract billions of users with the tools they are familiar with.

With HumanWallet you solve the pains most users have: paying gas fees, signing transactions and interacting with web3 wallets in different blockchains.

Best wallet for your users is the most simple one

With HumanWallet your community will forget to pay gas fees in transactions, safeguard their seed or study about how to use Web3 wallets. Everything is as easy as confirming transactions in one or two clicks.

A Guardian per user

Each Web3 wallet is associated with a Guardian service, who can manage ownership attending multiple variables

A multisig associated

Each Guardian is connected with a Safe contract with different owners who can decide over the ownership account

A federation for you

HumanWallet has its own nodes federation available for all users, who can decide over the previous contract 

Your own network

HumanWallet lets users to personalize their own trust network, adding familiar or friends addresses to the multisig

These DAPPs are using HumanWallet

and they are growing in a much higher speed they thought. Everything is about the UX

Yours, the next one?

Try our SDK

And start to offer your users the best Web3 experience simulating a Web2 APP.

See repo

A Web3 pricing model that fits you

We charge you a monthly fee based on your MAW (Monthly Active Wallets), and the gas fee transactions*

All plans include:

  • Login with wallet
  • Customizable login wallet
  • Decentralized seed custody
  • 2FA security methods
  • Accounts recovery


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